video based red light violation detection system

Video Analytics based  RLVD:-

This type of system will be used to collect the pictures of traffic rules violating vehicles, automatically extract the license plate number (through OCR), make voice announcements at specific locations, send SMS/ E-mail and collect the time and date stamped picture of particular instance..

key Features

•   Twin camera facility to capture image in varied lighting and weather conditions.
•   Provides high relative capture speed with very high accuracy.
•   Robust optical character recognition feature to produce precise results for automated license plate reading.
•   Detailed reporting software to find vehicle traffic statistics.
•   Customizable database and reporting options.
•   Effective video surveillance at all time and in all environmental conditions.
•   User friendly interface.

Technology Used

In RLVD capturing unit, digital colored camera is used to capture an image of a vehicle crossing through an intersection when traffic light is red. The camera is automatically triggered through a sensor when any vehicle entering the intersection after the signal has turned red.The image is captured in a way that license plate of vehicle along with red light crossing instances should be clearly visible unaffected by environmental or weather circumstances.
RLVD sensing unit is comprised of sensor based on video analytics which will cause a trigger if vehicle has crossed a virtual line defined in image.Sound system is used for both automatic broadcasting of message for e.g. vehicle “TN2CK3067 has violated traffic signal” and any other kind of emergency announcement.

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