Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Under Vehicle Surveillance System:-

In today´s world, we are facing increased threat from terrorism, crime, theft and vandalism. If your premises are worth securing, it’s worth looking into Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS). 
ESSI's UVSS solutions are designed to scan, monitor, and digitally record crisp, clear digital video images of the entire width of a vehicle’s undersides—all with one permanent or portable system.
High resolution imaging system provides clear picture of the underside of the vehicle, within fraction of seconds as the vehicle pass through UVSS system, enabling continuous inspection of vehicles as traffic continues to move.

Careful integration of components makes the UVSS a cost-effective and convenient solution for checking passenger vehicles, vans, buses, semi tractors, trucks and trailers and more. It’s an ideal solution for governmental, military, corporate, and transportation facilities—wherever complete vehicle monitoring is required.

Key Features

•  Captures clear , colored and well contrasted images of vehicle underside moving at any speed or in any

    environmental conditions.

•   The human eyes (terrorist) will not be able to feel presence of getting inspected.

•   Less power consumption and a much longer life.

•   Real time detection and faster image processing.

•   Lights will only glow at the time of scanning vehicles underside.

•   Hard to view areas will also get captured clearly.

•   Explosives or any other threats presence will get detected and marked over images captured.

•   Explosives detection will not take more than 2 seconds.

•   Each and every possible minute details of vehicles underside will get recorded through three auxiliary cameras

    fixed at different angles.

•   Automatically locate and match vehicle plates against wanted lists.

•   Conduct surveillance in any environmental setting, under varying light conditions.

Technology Used

UVSS technologies comprise of five units:
1. Sensing Unit
2. Imaging Unit.
3. Lightning Unit
4. Scanning Unit.
5. Processing Unit.

UVSS Sensing Unit is used to trigger vehicle detection to enable light utilization only at time of vehicle detection.

UVSS Imaging Unit use high speed digital color camera, area scan camera, sensors, LED based lightings to capture clear, well contrasted and excellent quality images of vehicles underside.

UVSS Lightning Unit is made up of using high performance LED’S or halogens for powerful illumination so that clear images can be captured even in complete darkness.

UVSS Scanning Unit comprises of digital color camera to capture colored images of moving vehicles underside with all the minute details visible, area scan camera to record videos of moving vehicle underside.

The input from all cameras and sensors are send to the processing unit through underground concealed cabling.

UVSS Processing Unit comprises of detection of dangerous objects as for instance, weapons and explosives, drugs and contraband as well as safety or quality defects in the captured vehicle underside image.

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