Turnstile Barrier


ESSI turnstiles for individual passage reliably secure and protect entry and exit of sites and highly sensitive areas.

All ESSI turnstiles are easily operated and do not require much physical effort; as opposed to purely manual turnstiles where the operation is controlled by a spring, the power-assisted TOURNAMATIC turnstile just requires light pressure on the arms to turn through the slewing arc. This allows personnel to pass through the turnstiles without hindrance, and a high  throughput  is  achieved.  For  greater  numbers  of  users,  several  or  multiple  turnstiles  are  recommended.

dated 08 Feb 2011.

Key Features:

• Single and multiple units.

• Locking optional by solenoid (electro- mechanically) or braking systems.

• A range of canopies.

• Enhanced security with anti-climbing devices.

• Integral cabinet containing card readers, intercoms and video cameras. 

• Simple attachments for fencing and railings.

• Heel post for 90 or 120 degree slewing arc available with arms coated or in stainless steel.

• Robust and reliable. Quick and easy to install.

• Manufactured to European Standards.


Application  Indoor / Outdoor (Canopy required)
Locking  Electromagnet lockingwith two optical sensors.
Electric Motor Capacity Greater than 40 persons per min. (excludingcardvalidation time).
Operation  Bi-directional: 4 X 90° rotation (electronically controllable)
Standard Modes of Operation Normally Closed: The mechanism is locked until a valid of Operation authorization signal is received.
Normally Open: The mechanism is permanently unlocked & will only lock if passage is attempted without a valid authorized signal.
Material of Construction Casework & Rotor Wings: 360B steel RILSAN corrosion proofing treated. Standard RAL 7032.
Rotor Spindle: Tubular 360B steel RILSAN corrosion proofing treated. Standard RAL 7032.
Housing Dimension  Outside Dimension: 2200 X 1480mm.
Ceiling Height: 1990mm.
Overall Height of Unit: 2244mm.
Rotor: 4N° rotor wings (90°).
Pivot Arm Length: 390mm; Passage Width: 410mm.
Protection  All housing and internal parts will be rust & corrosion free metals & of high impact engineering plastic epoxy coated as applicable.
Power Off / Emergency  In case of an emergency or power-cut unit may be configured to fail-safe (i.e. rotor freely rotates) or fail-lock (i.e. rotor locks).Either option is available in one or both directions.
Duty Cycle  100%
Integration  Shall function in integration with Smart cards, proximity readers based access control systems etc.
Temperature Range  -5º C to +55 ºC
Integration  Capable of Integration with the overall architecture of Surveillance & Access Control System.

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