System Integration

System Integration:-

ESSI offers System Integration solutions and services for existing applications, customized applications, application developments and service oriented applications.

System integration has seen to be slow and not suitable to fulfill customers need ,but ESSI team is comprised of experts specialized in bringing together various developed sub components through use of next generation and cutting edge technologies in such a way that each and every component compliments each other and fully functional as a product.

A great example of our system integration services successes is integration of Visitor management system, Vehicle management system, RFID based access control system and Video surveillance system in such a way that each and every functionality of overall system can be accessed or monitored through common access point installed at central command control station.

Not only this but also ESSI is efficient at integrating two or more products in such a way that not only it fulfills end user requirements flawlessly but also share resources and output as they have never been separated earlier or were made together itself.

In this service ESSI also provide facility for client to get the existing application customized as per their requirement for ex:


    •   Change in front ends designing as per required information’s to be saved or site infrastructure.

    •   Add additional features or remove already existing.

    •   Add or remove reporting’s and filtering option for records retrieval as per user requirement.

    •   Integration of application with other model of external equipments/accessories/hardware’s,

        may be provided by client itself or as per client specification will be arranged & installed by us.


Range of System Integration Services provided by ESSI is as followed:

    •   Integration with new or existing application.

    •   Customization of existing application as per end user requirement.

    •   Access and monitoring of all the system through central as well as local access points.

    •   Customized application development.

    •   Customized communication infrastructure for application as per client site requirement

Key Features

    •   Continual research of existing products and software components.

    •   Efficient and full utilization of resources integrated.

    •   Use of latest and best technologies.

    •   Integration with existing or new hardware’s.

    •   Prevent excess use of external resources as much possible without compromising

        application performance.

    •   Clients can rely on us for their demands.

    •   24 x 7 support for troubleshooting or any other assistance.

    •   Experts research and development team.


ESSI has successfully integrated and installed these many products for mentioned customers:


   •   Central command control for visitor management system, vehicular management system which in
        itself has  resulted from integration of RFID based access control system interfaced with automated
        boom barriers, bollards and road blockers – installed at Delhi Secretariat.

    •   Integration of automatic license plate recognition system with under vehicle surveillance system for
        complete surveillance of vehicles against all possible threats – installed at Delhi Airport Terminal

    •   Integration of visitor management system with facial features based recognition system for
        authentication and identification, visitor image display system for verification and appointment
        generation system for maintenance of previously appointed visitors – installed at Delhi Secretariat.



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