True Wireless Surveillance System:-

True wireless surveillance systems are often installed in many premises and areas as a means to prevent crime and ensure the safety of the occupants by having constant watch on the activities.In true wireless surveillance camera can be battery powered for true portable wireless operation. A reliable wireless surveillance camera can manage signals through thick walls, giving users more confidence regarding its functions.

Key Features

•   ESSI builds upon its expertise in high performance, long distance (up to 15 km) and 360 degree coverage.
•   ESSI offers capability such as download large data files, video clips, high resolution images, and MP3 files within

•   Our system delivers 128 bit AES encryption /decryption at full line speed..

Technology Used

The system is fully integrated as the network engine; digital base-band, radio and antenna are all combined into a single, weatherized outdoor chassis, complete with Power over ethernet (POE) support.It works on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) technology.operational from -40C to +60C, the product can be installed at any convenient outdoor location needing only inexpensive ethernet CAT5 cable for connection to an indoor, network switch.ESSI feature allow tagged voice and video traffic to take priority over general data packet transfer, providing reliable, real-time capability even under congested link conditions..

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