Hybrid Surveillance System:-

There is a difference between a DVR-based system and a hybrid surveillance system. With a standard DVR setup, you are limited to using only CCTV cameras. The analog video signals are sent to a DVR where the footage is then converted to digital. In a hybrid system, you have the option of using both IP network cameras and analog cameras, all operating together on the same network. This is typically done by using video encoders and servers, or a hybrid DVR..

Key Features

•   Hybrid  video systems combine both analog video inputs, and IP video inputs in the same unit. This gives users the

    ability to connect all their existing cameras and then add IP cameras when it makes sense.
•   A hybrid system provides flexibility and expandability in an open platform format while future proofing the

    investment to the greatest extent possible.

•   Many users simply want to add a few IP or megapixel cameras in key areas, yet they still want to be able to

    purchase low cost analog cameras for less demanding locations. This is exactly how it works with a hybrid

   system.  Hybrid gives users the flexibility to expand and grow over time without the worry of an outdated

   system the day of purchase.
•  Reduced installation time and cost, Protect past & future investment and also most complete solution available..

Technology Used

Video encoders and servers, or a hybrid DVR are used in case of  hybrid surveillance system.

Video Encoders & Servers: - A video encoder (also known as a server) digitizes analog video signals so they can be sent directly over an IP network. This enables users to view live video images using a standard web browser or with video management software on any local or remote computer with network access. Best of all, the digitized footage from the analog cameras is traveling along the same IP network as any new IP cameras you add, so you can view footage from all your cameras the same way.

Hybrid DVRs: -   Hybrid DVRs are unique in way that they can support both analog CCTV cameras and IP network cameras. This level of flexibility is not available with traditional DVRs, which only connect to analog cameras. Hybrid DVRs ease the transition from analog to IP surveillance. Since they support both camera types, you don"t have to restrict your camera options. This makes it easy to move towards an IP-based solution while still using lower-cost analog cameras when necessary..

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