Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates:-

Sliding gates are an ideal solution for entrances and exits, with high level of security and fully automated movement.Basic feature of its construction is space economy. Sliding gate can be placed as an entrance to private, industrial or even regime territory.The ESSI sliding gate system is based on the principles of counter balancing. These systems are designed and engineered to ESSI’s exacting calculations and standards with a strong emphasis on safety.Our main support and rolling platform is well balanced and provides smooth and efficient operations. ESSI offers Sliding and Telescopic gates in two categories:

•Free carrying sliding gates (FSST).

•Sliding gates on ground floor (LSST).

Key Features

•  Flashing light to notify gate operation.

•  Battery back up in the event of power failure.

•  Integration with Access Control systems.

•  Gate widths upto 15 metres.

•  it is galvanized with hot zinc or it is covered with hot zinc and PVC or paint.

•  Full range of locking mechanism.

•  Can be operated either manually or equipped with robust drive unit for automatic operation.

Technology Used:

The ESSI slide gate system comprises the following important mechanical modules. The modules consist of the gate main support tower, the gate leaf, the gate back rail and the end post. When bolted together, the main tower and back rail form the main support and rolling platform for the gate leaf. The gate leaf is then attached to this platform with two back- check plate roller sets. The roller sets, when bolted on, lock the sliding gate leaf within the confines of the gate back rail.The gate system is then bolted to a concrete footing that has been engineered to provide adequate weight to counter- balance the gate system. The combination of gate design and concrete footing allows the  gate to roll out over the relevant road opening, without tipping or sagging, basically traveling in free airs.

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