Road Blocker

Road Blockers:-

ESSI Road Blocker offers maximum security for highly sensitive, entry-exit point against unauthorized vehicles of all sizes and weights. Crash tests carried out under the supervision of the TV (Technical Inspection Agency) with an impact of a 7.5 ton truck traveling at 80 km/h certify the high reliability of the Road Blocker , heavy duty vehicles at highSpeed is also reliably stopped.

The Road Blockers "DSP" are designed to remain fully operational after the impact and consequently continue to guarantee the full level of security.

Key Features:

•  Compact hydraulic unit with motor, pump, solenoid valve and high pressure hydraulic cylinder.

•  Red flashing light in blocking element.

•  Emergency operation during power failure using hand pump.

•  Control in separate control box.

•  Blocking height: A-650mm/ B-800mm
•  Available impact/Cash strengths:  DSP1-450kN, DSP2-600kN, DSP3-900kN, DSP4-1250kN and DSP5-
•  Can be standard/ automatic control/ fully automatic operational with central command and control for
   multiple units- with video feeds/ 2-way voice communication and central operation control with data
•  Long term corrosion protection through galvanizing and 3 layers of bonded plastic 4S.
•  DRDO- CCE (R&D) and Certified for confirming compliance with stated impact strength/ crash rating and
   equivalence to  ASTM f 2656 -07 / UK PAS / DOS K ratings.

Technology Used:

The Road Blocker is operated by high speed hydraulic cylinders. A power pack containing an electric motor – pump assembly and an accumulator/handle for manual operation (in case of power failure) is installed up to a distance of 20 meters from the barrier in all weatherproof lockable steel casing on a concrete Base. The operation time for moving the blocker up & down can be from 2 to 6 seconds. When activated, the extremely heavy blocking segment will extend and block the entry. The average blocking height is 650 mm. With a dynamic road blocker, the barrier is "lifted" and can therefore reach a blocking height of 850 mm. Due to the  eye-catching warning color and the warning lights the blocking segment is clearly visible to approaching vehicles which allows the vehicles to stop in good time. In the lowered position the Road Blocker is absolutely unobtrusive and flush with the road surface.


Drive Unit Electro-hydraulic
Electric Motor Capacity Approx 4-KW, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz, 400
 Protection Class IP 55
Tensile strength Of Structural Steel Components 490-600 N/mm2
Wall thickness of structural components 10mm
Blocking height above road level A-650mm/ B-800mm
Static Impact Load DSP1 : 450kN/ DSP2 : 600kN/ DSP3 : 900kN/ DSP4 : 1250kN/ DSP5 : 2500kN
Wheel Load 100kN vertically ( 20T vertical axle load)
Surface Protection Three surface layers in accordance with special coating (zinc plus 2 layers of plastic coating).
Operation Time Raising 2-4 sec, Lowering 2-4 Sec
Surface Protection Galvanized & Plastic Coated
Hydraulic Fluid Mineral or Biodegradable Fluid
Operation Temperature Range - 5 º C t o + 6 5 º C
Power Failure/Emergency Operation       1. By Integrated Hydraulic Pump.
      2. By Hydraulic Accumulator3 Operation.(up-down-up)
Electric Controls Steel or glass-fiber reinforced cabinet, IP 55
Colour Pattern Front of blocking segment will be of distinct color pattern (Red & White/ Yellow & Black) as decided by owner.
Material of construction Carbon Steel
Quality Certification DRDO-CCE(R &D) for confirming compliance with stated impact strength.

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