ESSI provide rigorous training and support to customers for smooth execution of system after installation at customer’s site along with step by step system manual to make it easy for user to understand the system functionality in future also.

Our training program is well structured and equipped with all the required material. We provide well organized classroom facility where proper steps from taking attendance to feedback by customer are followed strictly. After completion of program we also provide review classes, if required and tests to clear that the operators are now fully furnish and ready to operate our system without any troubles. After classes , catalogs and manuals containing  clear and strictly non ambiguous step by step explanation of software in such a way that even person from non – technical background would be able to operate easily through reading this manual, besides this all the troubleshoot possible and steps to resolve them are also incorporated in manual for better use and functionality.


Even after training, ESSI always support their customers on priority for any kind of problem.

Not only this ,but also on demand we provide operators who will be there in customer’s premises  24 X 7 for constant support and system operation in order to avoid any kind of turbulence or industrial accident.

We have appreciated for providing operational classes and system manual by following clients:
    1. Delhi Secretariat

    2. Delhi International Airport Limited.

    3. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Jeevan Bharti Building.

Key Features:

     •    Classroom program for training by experts.

     •     Rigorously scheduled classes.

     •     Proper study material has provided.

     •     Clear and explained Operating Manual is provided.

     •     ESSI operator for 24 X 7 support inside the premises on demand.

     •     24 x 7 customer support.

     •     Review classes and performance tests for motivation and evaluation.

ESSI Integrated Technologies Pvt. Ltd.- +91-11-41519899 -Email:sales@essi.co.in- Complete contact information
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