Loop Based Red Light Violation Detection System

Inductive Loop Detector based RLVD:-

The highly reliable solution for speed enforcement works on the  basis of induction loops and allows both speed detection and the identification of the class of vehicle. The system can also be used for the combined identification
of speed violations and red light violations at Intersections. Clear detection is ensured using two induction loops at the intersection.

key Features

•   Speed and red light enforcement using induction loops at intersections.
•   Monitoring of up to four traffic lanes
•   Operation in various locations.
•   Operation in various external housings
•   Robust.
•   Clear distinction between motorcycles, automobiles and trucks.
•   The system simultaneously monitors multiple traffic lanes and delivers  precise measurement results..

Technology Used

In RLVD capturing unit, digital colored camera is used to capture an image of a vehicle crossing through an intersection when traffic light is red. The camera is automatically triggered through sensor when any vehicle entering the intersection after the signal has turned red.The image is captured in a way that license plate of vehicle along with red light crossing instances should be cearly visible unaffected by environmental or weather circumstances.

RLVD Sensing Unit comprises of using two induction loops for sensing the presence of metal i.e. vehicle over it. It is buried in the pavement just few meters distance before and away from stop line. The integrated digital robot  smart camera records violations and can optionally take a second photograph as evidence..

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