Flap Barrier

Flap Barriers:-

ESSI also offer an exclusive range of Retractable Flap Barrier which is  fabricated using sturdy material to ensure long service life. These are user  friendly and open up in less than a time of .8 seconds. Our barriers are  incorporated with access control system to ensure automatic clearance, while keeping accurate record. Our Flap Barriers are easy to operate as well.

Key Features

•  Rapid identification technique are available to identify accurately and Efficiently the magnetic card, barcode card etc.

•  Personalization for all type of ticket readers or contact less antenna.

•  With direction indication, guiding passenger to entry and exit.

•  Real time failure self-detect and alarm indication, ensuring system safe operation and facilitating maintenance

   and operation.

•  High flow rates of people depending of reader validation reaction speed.
•  Passage width: 20" to 24" for TGF with single flap panels and 32" to 36" for TGF with telescopic flap panel.

•  A dissuasive access control in one or both directions.

Technology Used:

The construction consists of different segments bolt together. The middle segment contains the controller and drive unit. The middle segment has two hinged locked doors providing optimum access to the controller and drive mechanism.

Various optional access control devices (such as card readers, finger print readers etc.) can be accommodated on a stainless steel fascia panel located at each end segment of the MPR. The pedestrian retractable barrier, designed for indoor installations, is made up of polished steel plate 430 stainless steel with protection class IP 32.


Application Indoor / Outdoor (Canopy Required)
Lane Width 900 mm
Flaps Regular lane : Soft Wing with steel reinforcement
Locking Electromagnet locking with two optical sensors
Throughput 25 to 30 persons per minute (excluding card Validation time)
Operation Bi-directional
Power Supply 230+/- 10%VAC, 50 Hz
MTBF – Mean Time Between Failure 2 Million Cycles
Material of Construction Carbon steel with Powder Coated Finish or Stainless Steel in Grade 4 finish.
Housing Dimension Regular lane: L 1300mm x W250mm x H 1035 mm With Telescopic Flap.
Protection Three surface layers in accordance with special Coating (zinc plus 2 layers of plastic coating)
Power – Off/Emergency Fail Safe Mode- Flaps shall automatically Open During Power Failure. Also can be configured for Flaps to remain closed during power failure.
Duty Cycle 100%
Integration Shall function in integration with Smart cards, RF Cards reader based access control systems, Bio-metric systems etc.
Temperature Range -5°C to +55°C
Integration Capable of Integration with the overall Architecture Of Surveillance & Access Control System.

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