Emergency Communication System

Emergency Communication System:-

ECS is a secure and dedicated two way communication system that allow different communication nodes located at various places to facilitate two way communications with control room.Emergency Communication Systems can prove to be critical to provide effective protection from:-
•    Security Incident
•    Riot/Violence
•    Industrial Accident
•    Public Health Threat
•    Fire.

Key Features

•    Emergency voice notification system.
•    Emergency call-in.
•    Unified emergency messaging via voice, text, e-mail, signage, pager, and TV.
•    Text to speech conversion.
•    Sixteen channel (Extendable as per requirement) two way communication systems.
•    Excellent database management system.
•    Search and display from database.
•    Emergency evacuation system.
•    Instant replay of audio file.
•    Can also be used for non emergency uses such as public address.
•    Deliver to multiple notification channels.
•    Digital and fiber optics based solution delivers the highest Level of audibility and intelligibility which is suited for

     toughest infrastructures.
•    Report section in the central control room where we can generate reports of all the operations performed..

Technology Used


The emergency communication system consists of speaker,amplifier, mic, plc & call switch and use fiber optics co-axial cable for digital & crystal quality Sound..

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