E-parking system is an effective tool for management of parking space through better access control and parking revenue method in busy areas in big cities such as shopping complexes, stadiums and other popular places, especially during their peak hour.E-Parking is smart parking system which helps in alleviating and solving the common problem of allocating parking space.E-Parking System improves safety, efficiency and mobility, optimizes the parking economic performance and increases vehicle rotation, and, also helps in avoiding congestion and hence reduces pollution.

Key Features

•    A centralized and single database system avoids the critical error of assigning vacant spot to several users who

     come at the same time

•    Advanced parking guidance system uses sensors and CCTV to guide users towards available spaces.

•    RFID technology for the automatic vehicle identification and Advanced payment system available.

•    RFID enabled smart card ensures rechargeable balance mechanism.

•    Fully scalable from small lot facility to large scale multi facility centralized system.

•    Highly advanced system as total integration with mechanical parking equipment.

•    All system interaction can be operated on a standard internet browser.

•    E-park uses industry standard TCP/IP to allow simple solution that take full advantage of full range of off-the-shelf

     local area, wide area and wireless network connectivity solutions..

Technology Used


E- Parking system works through integration of high end technologies like access control system, wireless sensor network, image processing system, RFID, LAN/WAN/Internet and application software’s with electrical and mechanical hardware system.


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