Distress Alarm System

Distress Alarm System:-

Distress Alarm System is a 4 channel Distress Alarm Box which receives distressful signal from the distressed location. The alarm signal should be used in case if calamity is occurred or if is supposed to happen.Distress Alarm Systems has proved to be critical to provide effective protection from:-
•     Security Incident.
•     Riot/Violence .
•     Industrial Accident.
•     Public Health Threat.
•     Intrusion Detection.
•     Fire , Flood and others.

Key Features

•   DAS is a Multi Node System with 4 Channel Distress Alarm Box.
•   DAS Box contains 4 push buttons which are self contained electronic device designed to be shock resistant and

    highly durable.
•   These push buttons produce different types of sounds to distinguish between distress happened.
•   Three level of power supply has been provided for individual DAS Box to ensure prevention of power failure till the

    time possible. power supplies are main supply, Central station UPS and last but very efficient UPS for individual

    boxes has also been provided.
•   DAS box is itself able to indicate door open / close status , main supply / UPS supply status to show if its

    enclosing door is open or close , Box is working through main power supply or UPS etc.
•   DAS box consists of industrial PC with in-built touch screen monitor and to regulate box temperature for PC,

    thermostat with exhaust fan has also been fitted inside.
•   4 speakers for individual location or DAS box will be installed along with in order to communicate distress news

    as far as possible. Besides, volume control knob has also provided over each DAS box in order to adjust its

•   Only two types of cabling has used for overall system configuration and installation which are power cable and

    network cable.
•   This system can be installed from small areas to very large area ensuring best performance possible through

    use of fiber optics cables or others, if required.
•   In Central Room, the distress at some location will be signaled in software with audible hard alarm for safe side

    in case if person is not sitting in front of PC at a particular time.
•   A reset button has also provided in each DAS box in case if generated alarm needs to get stopped from distress

    causing location itself.
•   This application has integrated facility of two way audio and video communication and also at time of

    communication speakers will be turned off automatically to avoid any kind of disturbance.
•   With its own customized video player it facilitates user to see previously saved recordings easily and in user

    friendly way.
•   At any time user can view live of any of the locations either single or multiple where DAS box has installed.
•   Easy user interface is provided to add or edit user information, Company profile and integrated hardware’s

•   All the connected hardware’s can be tested from application itself and will indicate individual status is either

    faulty or working.
•   Alerts colleagues and co– workers about distress caused.
•   All the events are stored and can be searched on demand location wise , date wise , distress type wise etc.
•   Application can be easily customized as per customer’s choice.
•   Attractive and user friendly interface.
•   Last 100 events will be displayed in a table format ,whose corresponding generated event recording can be

    viewed just by clicking on appropriate row.
•   Integrated mail and SMS feature.

 All the distress generating events will also store and update in an external hard disk.

Technology Used

DAS System  has two modules : 

      a) Local control box (4 alarm) Known as DAS Box or Panels. 

      b) Central command and control.

In this System, if any of distress button or push button has been pressed then an alarm will be generated both at the current location and in central room with an Indications of distress happened.
As soon as push button has pressed its inbuilt monitor will display live view of central room in order to ensure that some help can be provided from there otherwise he will search for some other options. As well, the live view of distress causing location will also be displayed in all the consecutive locations.In Central room, the distress at some location will be signaled in software with audible hard alarm. In Central room, as soon as the coming distress signal has received, The live view of distress causing location will display with recording of the event. This recording will be logged with location, Time and other details for future reference.The emergency can also be signaled from Central room itself to any of the locations for Indicating some distress. In case of emergency generation, the location where emergency has signaled can view live of either central room or any of other location where DAS box has been installed.

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