Consulting Service


ESSI Integrated Technologies Pvt.Ltd. provides consultancy services in wide range of security domains i.e. IT security, physical security and fraud prevention through information technologies and other latest technologies use, to both the private and public sectors.

Our consulting services are aimed at offering you the best possible professional solution for your personal or company's security fears and/or problems. If you are facing with a situation and have concerns about the following, then we can be of assistance:

Burglary, crime, vandalism, theft, pilferage, employee theft, shoplifting, data misuse, industrial espionage, counterfeiting, fire, emergency evacuation, business continuity, closed circuit television cameras (CCTV), covert cameras, access control (personnel & vehicular), monitoring, employee fraud, suppliers fraud, vendors fraud, threat assessment etc.

Our experience and expertise in specific business area will assist you in process of securing your organization from all the possible threats. Our idea is to assemble your initiation and our experience in such a way that it come up with great solutions, beyond anyone expectation.


We know that our suggestions can only be fruitful if we on our own have knowledge about all the latest and reliable technologies and to assure you the best solution of your problem our consulting group is comprised of in house consultants and a number of associates who have highly specialized skills and experienced in specific industry sectors such as telecommunications, computer engineering, V.V.I.P. protection & aviation.

Our clients rely on our expertise for professional advice and we offer the highest international standards in our field. Our consulting services are always being appreciated for its constant 24x7 support with expert’s advices whenever demanded. Our main concern has always to maintain a long term business relationship with customer, we believe in understanding the clients requirement beyond the limit of their thoughts so that in future also they would not stumble upon any relevant issues.


Our organization works hand in hand with the client’s organization from the planning stage to implementation stage and finally the checking stage to increase client confidence, productivity and safety.


Our good relationship and tie up with other branding manufacturers, distributors and installers of security products and services helps us in giving best possible assistance to our clients in all concerning areas.


Our main concern is you, our customers. We listen carefully to your security fears and needs and we advice you in the best professional and impartial way.

Key Features


   •    Deep technical skills and continual research.

   •    Expertise understanding of clients dilemma or problem.

   •    Highly specialized and experience of all relevant domains team.

   •    Client needs our top most priority.

   •    24x7 assistance for clients by specialized professionals.

   •    Crystal clear reporting style.

   •    Excellent presentation skills.

   •    100% confident for our solution success.

   •    All associated hazards and risk management.

   •    Believe in freeing clients from all relevant headaches.

   •    Believe in providing best and cheapest solution.

   •    We consider our clients as our in mates and their headache is ours.

We work in close co-operation with municipalities, government agencies, public  authority, local authority, architects, civil engineers & electrical engineers etc.

ESSI Integrated Technologies Pvt. Ltd.- +91-11-41519899 Complete contact information
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