Boom Barrier

Boom Barriers:-

ESSI offer an exclusive range of Automatic Boom Barriers which are used for providing security at the entry as well as exit points of toll tax areas, official spaces and other areas as well. We offer them with several in-built features as anti crash device which is offered to suspend the movement of any barrier.
This can be interfaced with any Access Control System, Surveillance System and Traffic Monitoring System as well to provide high security.

Key Features

•  Anti crash device.

•  Security at the entry as well as exit points.

• The limit switches for slowdown during both opening and closing can be adjusted both mechanically and 


•  Reliable electro-mechanical drive.

•  Robust power transmission.

•  Damping into open and closed position.

•  Adjustable clutch.

•  Pole of strong light alloy.

•  Complete unit ready for connection.

•  Pole stand of steel.

•  Long term corrosion protection.

Technology Used:

Entire system is powered by 24 Volts DC to avoid electrocution and to integrate barrier with other peripheral safety devices such as access control system, optical beam sensor, etc. for greater flexibility and  assure safety.

The barrier is activated either by a single touch push button or remote control. However its electronic control panel is designed to accept signals from various controls and safety accessories such as beam sensor (optional), magnetic card reader (optional), computer, etc.


Application Outdoor
Drive Block continues torque motor
Version Left handed(changeable to right handed)
Logic Control Included
Intelligence The use of block able torque motor drive with continue torque output and the microprocessor based controller eliminates the need of friction clutches to continue maintenance free operation.
Power Supply 2 3 0 + / - 1 0 % V A C , 5 0 H z
Colour Different & Distinct colour pattern as decided by owner.
Boom Specification Length (3, 4, 5,7.5 Mtrs) straight or articulated extruded aluminum alloy.
Housing Dimension W300mm, D350mm, H1040mm
Protection All housing and internal parts will be rust & corrosion free metals or alloys of high strength.
Opening & closing time 3 sec approx, 3 .6 sec approx
Power off Manual opening possible
Safety Loop detectors /infrared sensors to be used to prevent barriers from closing on the vehicle.
Duty cycle 100%
Integration Capable of integration with all the surveillance and access control systems.
MTBF 1 million cycle
Certification CE Confirm
Material of construction Carbon Steel with power coated finish and the housing top cover is made out of high impact engg. Plastic with customizable SS Sheet.
Operating temperature - 5 ºC to + 5 5 ºC

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