Barcode Based Visitor Management System

Barcode Based  Visitors Management System:-

Barcode based Visitors Management System refers to managing and monitoring  entrances and exits in a facility or area within a facility. These systems are similar to  the physical locks and keys used to access our homes but rely on Barcode Access  management swipe point computer controlled locks and readers to provide access.
ESSI Barcode based Visitors Management Systems offer increased security and improved reporting over manual systems.Barcode based Visitors Management Systems typically include the following components:-
•  Barcode which contains the access number with current date and time. 
This access ID is printed over pass along with personal details to distinguish likephoto which will act as a key to lock.Barcode Reader allows reading of the  ID  access number and communicates withthe visitor management software.Electronically controlled locks and door sensors give the ability to lock and unlock the door or other physical barrier (gate, ramp, etc.) based on Electronic commands from the visitor management software. The lock communicates the time and duration of opening and closing to the barcode based visitor management software.
Barcode based visitor management software stores the access control lists and communicates with barcode readers and locks. It locks and unlocks access points in accordance with the rules set up for each area and access or control
number. The software stores all access data and allows robust reporting of  access transactions..

Key Features

•    Easy modification of access lists
•    Database storage of all access transactions, including the "who, where and when" of the area access
•    Quick reporting options of all access transaction data
•    Accurate list of personnel in the facility in case of emergency
•    Automatically lock and open areas, allowing door open time as specified by the system. This is useful for

      restricting access after normal business operating hours.
•    Alarms for unauthorized access attempts, doors left open, forced opening attempts , etc.
•    Already existing visitor details can be searched through its embedded facial  features and contact number.

Technology Used

The Barcode scanner is interfaced with the micro controller and when the barcode card is brought to the sight of the scanner, it reads the data on the barcode card and displays on the LCD. If the data of the card is matched with the data in the program memory then it compares and displays authorized message. If the data is not matched it displays
unauthorized. For authorized message, the door gets opened and the person gets in. after sometime the door gets closed (A relay will be energized). If it is an unauthorized person it alerts the persons through a buzzer..

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