Tyre Killer

Tyre Killers:-

The ESSI Tyre Killers offers vulnerable installations, a high level of security against unauthorized vehicles forcibly entering or exiting the premises.If a vehicle  attempts to break through, both the tyres and axles will be destroyed and entrance of the vehicle will definitely be prevented.The ESSI Tyre Killers can be installed individually or in combination with other ESSI products to create a secure and impenetrable vehicle checkpoint.

Interfaced/Provided with:

• Can be interfaced with any Access Control System,Surveillance System and Traffic Monitoring System as well

   as to provide high  security.
• Traffic lamps red and green on a traffic post with a buzzer of 100dB.
• Hydraulic accumulator for three operations- up /down / up in case of 3-phase power failure.
• Central Control Console with video feed, 2 way voice communication and remote push button control
   for Central Control Room.


Key Features:

•  Tyre Killers with electro-hydraulic drive in underground housing. 

  Blocking spikes in 60 blocking positions, approx. 450 mm over ground level. 

•  Distance between blocking spikes 200 mm. 

•  Extension time 2-3 sec. 

  Wheel load 100 kN. 

  Installation depth 500 mm. 

  Control in separate control box for mounting on wall in a building.

•  Available Drive Units :S- Single(1) Unit , D – Double (2) Unit , T- Triple(3) Unit ,Q- Quattro (4) .
•  Long term corrosion protection through galvanizing and 3 layers on bonded plastic 4S.
•  DRDO- CCE (R&D) and Certified for confirming compliance with stated pact strength / crash rating and equivalence
   to  ASTM f 2656 -07 /  UK PAS / DOS K ratings .
•  ISO 9001 :2008 by DNV.
•  Can be standard/ automatic control/ fully automatic operational with central command and control for
   multiple units- with video feeds/ 2-way voice communication and central operation control with data


Technology Used:

The Tyre Killers is operated by high speed hydraulic cylinders. A power pack containing an electric motor – pump assembly and an accumulator/handle for manual operation(in case of power failure) is installed up to a distance of 20 meters from the tyre killer in all weatherproof lockable steel casing on a concrete base. The solid spikes can be raised either automatically or manually. It takes approx 2 seconds and access will be blocked with a barrier height of 80-450mm.When the tyre killer is in the lowered position, it is completely unobtrusive and is flushed with the road surface.


Model Essi TK –S 225/2.5-6 Essi ATTK -400/2.5-6
Blocking width 2.5 Meter- 6.0m 2.5 Meter- 6.0m
Installation depth of casing 225 mm 400mm
Blocking height of spikes above the Ground level 150mm 450mm
Fully raised blocking angle of spikes 60º 60º
Distance between centers of two adjacent spikes 100 ± 10mm 200mm
Raising/lowering time 02-04 Second 02-04 Second
Operating voltage 230V, 50Hz, Single Phase 430V, 3f
Top cover plate of the Tyre Killer shall withstand Not less than 70 Tons Not less than 70 Tons
Operating Temperature -5ºC to +60ºC -5ºC to +60ºC
Control Unit Microcontroller/PLC /PLC
Integration Capable of Integration with the overall architecture of Surveillance & Access Control System Capable of Integration with the overall architecture of Surveillance & Access Control System
Quality Certification DRDO- CCE (R&D) for Confirming compliance with stated Impact Strength/ Crash Rating and Equivalence to ASTM f 2656 -07 / UK PAS / DOS K ratings through Letter No. CCE(R&D) N/EQUIP//E&M/MISC-2010-11 dated 08 Feb 2011.

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