Smart Card Based Access System

Smart card based Access Control System:-

Access Control System is used in an organization or place where entry of human beings needs to get checked to prevent threat to some property of interest or needs to get secured. So to prevent unauthorized employees or any other personality to break into we need some criteria on which they can be segregated into authorized or unauthorized ones. The basis on which persons will categorize should be difficult to get hacked or impersonate.
Nowadays, intelligent systems are being used to lessen manpower and to increase accuracy through analysis of minute details correctly. Smart card based logon is a strong form of authentication because it uses cryptographically based identification and proof-of-possession when authenticating a user to a domain. The malicious person would have to obtain the user’s smart card and personal identification number (PIN) to impersonate the user. This combination is obviously more difficult to attack unlike password hacking because an additional layer of information is needed to impersonate a user. A further benefit is that smart card gets locked after entering incorrect PIN no. several times repeatedly. This makes a dictionary attack against a smart card extremely difficult.

A smart card is a pocket-sized card with embedded circuits. They are used for identification, authentication, Data storage and application processing. Smart cards provide strong security authentication for single sign-on (SSO) within large organizations.

Key Features

•   Tamper-resistant storage for protecting private keys and other forms of personal information.
•   Isolation of security-critical computations involving authentication, digital signatures, and key exchange from other

    parts of the system that do not have a need to know.
•   Employees are verified and authenticated quickly and reliably.

•   Using this system a watch list can be created and historical data can be easily accessed.
•   Date, time and location are checked against access rules. Time and attendance details of each check-in and

    check-out are logged. Logs can be printed or exported. Return events are automatically scheduled

    during check-out.
•   Can be easily customized with different types of Smart Cards, readers and programmer as per user requirement.
•   Alerts and messages are set to appear at the time of check-in. Return events are automatically scheduled

    during check-out.

Technology Used

ESSI Smart Card Technology comprises of card containing holder"s information along with some uniquely distinguishable features like photo , Thumb impression etc. These cards will be configured with card holder’s details through use of programmer which will not allow these information to get damaged by rubbing It against something or altered by someone. Interfaces and gates will allow access only if authorized card has shown to reader.  All the cards generated events will be logged for further actions emergency alarm generates at time of unauthorized access try to notify user regarding forceful entry.On basis of use these cards can be programmed to have access to only limited
area within limited time period.ESSI provides integration of varying types of smart cards as per user demands with application.

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