Active Bollards

Active Blocking Bollards

Typical application areas for blocking bollards are pedestrian areas, parking lots and access roads. In the extended position both through and parking traffic are reliably held back while pedestrians and cyclist pass unhindered. ESSI bollard systems are equipped with a hydraulic drive and can be operated as a single or multiple systems using a common control device. The blocking width varies depending on the combination of several bollards placed next to each other.

Interfaced/Provided with

•  Can be interfaced with any Access Control System,Surveillance System and Traffic monitoring system as well to provide high security.
•  Traffic lamps red and green on a traffic post with a buzzer 100dB
•  Hydraulic accumulator for 3 operations- up /down / up in case of 3-phase power failure.
•  Central control console with video feed, 2 way voice communication and remote push button control
   for central control room.

Key Features

•  The hydraulic fluid used is a biologically degradable hydraulic fluid of Water Pollution Class 1.

•  Equipped with integrated Electro Hydraulic bollard unit that can operate single or multiple bollards in various combinations.

•  Available with impact / cash strengths: 40 KN, 180 KN, and 350 KN.

•  Available drive units : S-Single(1) Unit, D-Double(2) Units, T-Triple(3) Units, Q-Quattro(4) Units, P-Penta(5) Units and H-Hexa(6) Units. 

•  Long term corrosion protection through galvanizing and 3 layers on bonded plastic 4S.
•  DRDO- CCE (R&D) and Certified for confirming compliance with stated impact strength / crash rating and equivalence to ASTM f 2656 -07 / UK PAS / DOS K ratings.
•  ISO 9001:2008 by DNV.

•  Blocking  bollards provide high level of external protection in high security zones as well as, in traffic.

Technology Used:

• The bollards can be used as single and multiple systems with a common control.

• The blocking width can be varied by combining various bollards in a line.

Bollards have been rigorously tested and their wheel load complies  with DIN 1072 standards to the highest level.


 Unit(s)  (S/D/T/O/P/H) / 1-2-3-4-5-6
Drive Unit  Electro-hydraulic
Electric Motor Capacity  Approx. 4-KW, 3-Phase, 50/80 Hz, 400
V P Protection Class  IP 55
Block Height Above Ground  800 mm and 1000 mm
Bollard Diameter  220 mm / 275 mm
Impact Load  Approx. A-40 KN, B-180 KN, C-350 KN
NW Heel Load  100 KN
Finish  Galvanized & Plastic Coated
Vertical Load  100 KN Vertically(20T/Axle)
Operation Time  Raising 4-8 sec, Lowering 4-6 Sec
Surface Protection  Galvanized & Plastic Coated
Hydraulic Fluid  Mineral or Biodegradable Fluid
Operation Temperature Range  - 5 º C t o + 6 5 º C
Power Failure/Emergency Operation   1. By Integrated Hydraulic Pump.
  2. By Hydraulic Accumulator3 Operation.(up-down-up)
Electric Controls  Steel or Glass Fiber Reinforced Cabinet
Material of construction  Carbon Steel with Power coated finish or Staniless Steel in grade-4 finish and the housing top cover is made of high impact plastic with customizable size.
Integration  Capable of integration with the overall architecture of surveillance & overall structure.
Available Integrated Drive Unit  Single Unit CP220-S
 Double Unit CP220-D
 Tripple Unit CP220-T
 Set of 4 CP-220O
 Set of 4 CP-220QP
 Set of 4 CP-220H

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